If you (or your client) is having trouble paying an invoice - perhaps getting an error message along the lines of "couldn't connect to your institution" - this is happening at the "bank authentication" step of our payment process, which is handled by Plaid.

We use Plaid because it's a best-in-class financial technology provider, and the experience is intended to feel seamless for clients. Rather than entering accounting and routing numbers for your bank, you instead enter the login information you use for online banking. Plaid uses that information to authenticate and connect your bank account in order to process an ACH payment - this information is never stored. (Learn more about Plaid here.)

If you've never interacted with Plaid before, it can be a little confusing.

Here are some suggested troubleshooting steps:

  1. confirm that you're entering bank login information (not Ditto login information)

  2. confirm that you're entering bank login information for your checking account, not login info for a credit card account

  3. confirm that the login info is being entered correctly

As always, please do reach out to us if you're having trouble - we're here to help!

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