In a word, no.

One of the primary benefits of working through Ditto is the fact that we handle all of the tax forms for independent contractors and their clients.

Ditto is classified as a "Third Party Settlement Organization." This means that at tax time, we are responsible for sending a 1099-K tax form to anyone who has collected payments via our platform.

Contractors will therefore receive ONE 1099 form for all of their work across all of their clients.

Clients do not need to send a 1099-MISC to any contractor paid exclusively via Ditto.

(Please note: if you shifted to working with Ditto during the year and made some payments outside of Ditto, you ARE responsible for sending a tax form to account for those payments.)

Here are some answers to related FAQs from the IRS, if you'd like more detail, and/or reach out to us with any questions. We know way more about this tax stuff than we'd like to know ;) .

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