Um... no. We are not lawyers. Our goal is to keep you from needing legal support!

Ditto helps get a contract with your client in place before work can begin. This contract includes terms and conditions which must be agreed to in order to work through Ditto, as they outline the way Ditto operates, including providing an overview of how phases work, how funds are held in escrow, when they will be released, and how to proceed when there are disputes over project funds.

It should be noted that while Ditto provides the framework and tools for a working relationship that encourages clear communication, it is not legally responsible for disputes that may happen during the course of work, nor does it provide legal advice of any kind.

Think of Ditto as a neutral third party and assistant. We believe that contractor and client WANT to work well together. We’re here to help and support the contractor/client relationship, not to be an enforcer in adversarial situations.

Please see the contract we use for more details and plenty of official-looking legalese.

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