If a phase of work has been funded, it cannot be edited. This is intended to help prevent scope creep.

If a phase of work has NOT been funded, it can be edited. This allows you to change the cost, timeline, and/or deliverables or description associated with this phase.

In order to edit a phase that has already been proposed to the client, you must first withdraw it. The phase then returns to a "draft" state, in which it is unlocked and can be edited. Make all desired edits, then propose the freshly edited phase to your client.

Your client will be able to accept or reject the phase, and then fund it.

Obviously, if you and your client mutually agree to adjust the work being done in a particular phase, you're welcome to do so! But typically we encourage contractors to stick to the work as documented in the Ditto project portal.

If additional work is being requested as part of a phase that is already underway, we suggest creating a new phase (with new timeline and new cost). This helps to communicate clearly to the client that what is being requested is out of scope.

Bright boundaries are key to keeping projects running smoothly and maintaining healthy and productive working relationships!

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