Ditto fosters working relationships where both client and contractor are rewarded for agreeing to clear, organized project scopes up front. But we know that needs can change, and Ditto’s solution is more flexible than standard contracts and addendums for managing change.

Rather than allowing scope to creep without a documented record and acknowledgment of the changes, Ditto ensures that the contractor’s time is protected, and that their additional efforts will be compensated.

If, during the course of a project, it becomes clear that additional work is needed to accomplish the mission of the project, then the contractor would simply finish the work scoped in the current “Phase” and add a new phase before continuing with the original scoped work for a project.

The new phase should be priced and scoped to include the additional work and deliverables. In this way, Ditto rethinks the old way of contracting with clients. Each phase acts as a mini-contract that is funded up front and paid out before the next phase begins.

Ditto prevents scope creep by transforming contracts from static legalese to dynamic documents that are constantly changing as the work changes. This makes it easier to have those sometimes-tough conversations. "I would be happy to do that for you, but that work is out of scope" becomes "sure - I can do that. I'll create a new phase to represent this new work and will send it your way for approval."

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