Ditto eliminates the need to chase down invoice payments and allows contractors to experience more frequent, predictable payments, kind of like a salaried employee.

Ditto asks the contractor to break their projects up into “Phases” and then asks the client to fund each Phase before work begins. Notifications keep both sides informed and/or prompt for action (such as making a payment) every step of the way. The project dashboard is an up-to-date representation of which phases have been funded, as well as what work is in progress.

Funds from a completed phase are released to the contractor before the start of the next phase. The money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Phases are determined by the contractor before the start of the project, giving you full control over how frequently or infrequently you get paid. You can also add or edit phases during the project, as long as they haven't already been paid for.

In addition to having a better sense for WHEN you’ll be paid, you’ll also never be left wondering IF you’ll be paid – because you never start work without knowing that there’s money waiting for you in the Ditto account.

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